Illinois Institute of Technology

Welcome to Illinois Tech

Congratulations on being accepted to Illinois Tech. Our teachers and staff are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to succeed during your first year as a university student in the United States.

Call +1 857.272.4086 if you need assistance when you arrive.

Students need to make sure they are checking both their personal and hawk email accounts.

Your Pre-arrival Requirements 
High school transcripts Illinois Tech requires students to arrive with a minimum of one original or certified copy of their High school transcripts and graduation certificate. (Six official copies are recommended). If a student has attended a university program, those transcripts are also required
Airport transfer options

Airport transfer options: We recommend students take a taxi from O’Hare airport to Illinois Tech. If taking a taxi, only take one from the official taxi stand outside the terminal doors.  A taxi will be around $60 and a tip of an additional 15% is expected. 

Bill payment options

Paid via flywire or TransferMate directly to Illinois Tech after you have registered for all classes. Payments must be made via the student's MyIIT portal. 


Upon arrival at Illinois Tech, you can go directly to your residence hall to check-in. Please email or text the Center Director upon arrival at [email protected] or +1 857.272.4086

Emergency contact: Susan Strow, Center Director, [email protected] and +1 857.272.4086

Completed  Due Date  Pre-Arrival Requirements
  As soon as possible

Apply for your I-20 - you need this in order to apply for your F-1 student visa

  As soon as possible

Apply for housing - check emails, you can apply for housing after you deposit and submit I-20 documents

  December 17th

Complete all assessments - IFY and IGY (English), IFY only (Math, Writing) - please check emails for information


December 17th

Submit travel plans to [email protected]

  January 4th Residence halls open for move-in; please review COVID protocol closer to your arrival date

December 13th - December 30th check emails for registration information

Global Education Center Orientation - online and in-person

  January 10th Classes Start

January 22nd

Last day to add/drop class

January 22nd

Tuition due
January 2022 Late Arrival Information
  Due Date
I20 Turn Around 5 days
Start of Term 10th January 2022
Late Arrival Deadline* 22nd January 2022
Last Application Date** 19th November 2021
Last I20 Request Date 10th December 2021
Last I20 Transfer Date 3rd January 2022
Notes Students must arrive by Late Arrival deadline or will be deferred to August 2022

*For any student needing to arrive later than the Arrival Deadline, additional Late Arrival approval is required. This is at the discretion of the Centre Head and must always be obtained in writing.

**Full set of supporting documentation should be submitted with an application by this date, including Financial declaration, bank statement etc.

Connect with Global Education Center!

Take some time and connect with us through social media and learn all about what to expect when you arrive on campus. 


Paying your bill

Tuition and fees are paid directly to Illinois Tech and the bill can be found on the student's MyIIT portal. You do not need to pay tuition prior to arrival unless you have been fully registered for classes. Tuition and fees can only be calculated after you have registered for classes.

Flight Details-Arriving to Chicago

As soon as you buy your ticket to Chicago send the flight details to [email protected] so we can plan for your arrival.

Flight number(s) Airport Departure Time Airport Arrival date  Time

Airport transfer options: We recommend students take a taxi from O’Hare airport to Illinois Tech. If taking a taxi, only take one from the official taxi stand outside the terminal doors. A taxi will be around $60 and a tip of an additional 15% is expected - information can be found here

What to bring to Chicago 

Required Documentation
Place the following documents in your carry-on bag:

U.S. Customs and Immigration:

Upon entrance into the United States you will be required to go through immigration. IIT has put together some information for students which can be found here:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Original signed SEVIS I-20
  • Illinois Tech acceptance letter
  • Illinois Tech support letter
  • Contact information for the Center Director  (telephone number and email)
  • Medicine and prescription if needed
  • Official High School transcripts and graduation certificates. Official notarized translations must be provided when originals are not in English. Official university transcripts (if applicable)
  • Proof of English Proficiency (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS)

Health & Safety:

  • Approved medications and repeat prescriptions (if applicable)

Residence hall items


It may take a few days to open a bank account, please make sure that you have a credit card and at least $300 in cash for emergencies


Chicago has four seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and fall. The temperatures change dramatically for each season. The fall tends to be warm to cool and the winter is very cold and there might be a lot of snow. You may want to wear layers during the colder months and be sure to bring or buy a winter coat. Some students chose to bring all of their clothes for the year or you can bring enough for the first half of the year, and bring more when you return from winter break. There are many places to buy inexpensive winter clothes in Chicago and a shopping outing will be part of your week 1 program

Packing Tips

Click here for a list of items to bring with you to Illinois Tech



Pre Arrival Handbook 

For more information, please click here to see the Pre Arrival Handbook