How to get started?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to study and live in another country. We know you must have lots of questions, and we’re here to help every step of the way. At ONCAMPUS, our Complete Care Commitment means you can rest assured knowing that we’ll help you take care of all the little details, so that you are free to concentrate on your studies and enjoy your new home city. We want you to thrive at ONCAMPUS, that’s why we have dedicated support to help you before you arrive, during your time with us, and beyond.

Our staff will:
  1. Discuss the best personal payment plan options for you
  2. Support you finding the best housing options for you
  3. Schedule personalized mock visa interviews and assist with supporting documentation
  4. Provide detailed weekly communication starting 6 weeks prior to arrival
    • Connect with us
    • Flight details
    • US transfer advising explained
    • What to bring
    • Arriving to Campus
    • Welcome to Curry College
  5. Help with vaccination requirements and appointments
  6. Advise on health insurance coverage 
We want to make a commitment that we will have you covered at every stage of your ONCAMPUS experience. Even before you arrive, we're working hard to make sure that visas, housing, travel, vaccines, and insurance are all sorted.


We will send 6 weekly emails before you arrive

  1. We personally meet you at the Curry college campus gate upon arrival and get you settled with housing, College Identification, and vaccination requirements
  2. You will be helped with:
    • Acquiring your cell phone
    • Registration with ONCAMPUS and Curry College
    • Bank accounts
    • Shopping trips to local stores and malls for dorm, study, and personal items
    • Class Schedules
    • Campus tours
    • Orientation for ONCAMPUS and Curry College
  3. Helping you navigate where to eat to suit your food requirements and taste


Once you’re here we support you setting up your new life. This will include the essentials like phones and bank accounts but also, we will make sure you’ve got everything you need to access university classes and student life.


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  1. Meet and greets with ONCAMPUS partner transfer institutions - Find out more about our partners
  2. Weekly one to one meeting with our academic advising staff
  3. Cultural acclimatisation
  4. Weekly transfer advising meetings 
  5. Club memberships and volunteering activities
  6. Wellbeing support and monitoring
When that’s all sorted, we’re still there for you to help you navigate any new challenges. This means your only focus is to be the best you can possibly be throughout your ONCAMPUS journey.


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  1. Assist students with destination choice for transfer
  2. Guide you with your next school deposit payment requirements
  3. Help you with I-20 transfer to your new institution
  4. Advise you on how to order Curry academic Transcripts
  5. Advise you on travel plans and when to report for your new school