ONCAMPUS Boston gives you the opportunity to progress to a TOP 100 university in North Carolina.


To be admitted as a transfer student at Elon University*; 

• Successfully complete a minimum of 12 academic credits in the ONCAMPUS Boston program
• Overall GPA of 2.7 GPA** 
Attendance of 85% or above at ONCAMPUS Boston
• A grade of “B” or higher in WRIT 1400 and WRIT 1500, or an 80 TOEFL, 6.5 IELTS, or a Duolingo score of 110***


Scholarships of up to $4,500 renewable for up to 3 years with 3.0 GPA and 24 transferable credit hours 


For more information on Elon University, please visit www.elon.edu

* Specific, high demand programs that are excluded from this conditional of acceptance include the following: Performing Arts, Nursing, Accelerated Pathways PA DPT, Business Dual Degree, and the 3+1 Accelerated Dual Degree program 
** Some degree programs are more competitive so additional criteria may apply.  
*** All candidates will require a video chat interview in addition to the published English proficiency criteria