ONCAMPUS Boston gives you the opportunity to progress to a TOP STEM university in Chicago

Scholarships up to $22,000


To be admitted as a transfer student at Illinois Tech;
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 18 academic credits in the ONCAMPUS Boston program
  • Obtain an overall grade point average of 2.75 with at least a 3.0 in major-specific courses
  • Attendance of 85% or above at ONCAMPUS with successful completion of the English program


Progress to these available majors; 
  • B.S. Communications 
  • B.S. Science, Technology & Society
  • B.S. Digital Humanities
  • B.S. Social & Economic Development Policy
  • B.S. Humanities 
  • B.A.C Industrial Technology & Management
  • B.S. Behavioural Health & Wellness 
  • B.A.C Information Technology & Management
  • B.S. Consumer Research, Analytics & Communications 
  • B.S. Global Studies
  • B.S. Psychological Science 
  • B.S. Business Administration

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