What is IFY?

Our International Freshman program is uniquely designed to support you as you pursue an undergraduate degree at Illinois Tech, while improving your academic and English language levels.

How it works

  • Improve your English language level

    • Academic writing skills
    • Academic reading skills
    • Presentation and discussion skills
    • Listening and note taking
  • Improve your academic grades and study skills

    • Improve your grade-point average
    • Learn the study skills essential for success in U.S. universities
  • Receive specialist university progression support

    • Expert guidance on which degree to progress to
    • One-to-one support sessions
    • Faculty visits and meetings
  • Progress to a university degree at Illinois Tech


Entry requirements

All admissions entry requirements for International Freshman Year

Fees and Dates


Freshman Year
Direct entry
Annual Fees
Housing & Dining
Health Insurance
Mandatory Fees
Scholarships available
(country based)
Up to $15,000
Up to $5,000
Up to $5,000
English Level
Min 2.25 GPA
Not Required
Min 3.0 GPA

Fees are subject to change

Dates 2022-23

  Spring 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Fall 2023
Application deadline 30th November 7th July TBC TBC
Finance/I-20 deadline 19th November 10th December TBC TBC
Move-in 3rd January 13th August 2nd January 12th August
Semester 1 10th January - 7th May 22nd August - 10th December 9th January - 6th May 21st August - 9th December
Semester 2 16th May - 13th August 9th January - 6th May 22nd May - 12th August 8th January - 4th May

Example program

On arrival you will be supported in developing a personalized study plan depending on your academic level and desired major.

1st Semester
Total Credits:12
Math Module


Computing Module

Computer programming

Elective Module

Science Module /
Free Elective

Seminar Module


2nd Semester
Total Credits:12
Math Module


Computing Module

Computer Science/
Science Elective / ITP

Elective Module

Science Module /
Free Elective

Undergraduate application
checklist and deadlines

Key IFY Direct Entry Not required for IFY
  1. Complete application form
  2. End of high/secondary school certificate or most recent transcripts if still due to complete
  3. Official copy of English proficiency
  4. Financial affidavit of support
  5. Bank statement (if required)
  6. Copy of passport identity page
  7. Pay deposit amount
  8. Explanation of any gaps in academic record e.g. resume
  9. Immigration check form including copies of any previous visas
  10. For students who are transferring credits, submit course descriptions
  11. Letters of recommendation
  12. Personal statement
  13. SAT or ACT test score/math test

Further information may be required depending on your circumstances