Terms & Conditions


1. Important

Please read these conditions carefully as they shall form part of the contract between the person responsible for the fees and ONCAMPUS Boston. It is important that you make sure that you have read and understood all of these conditions as you will be deemed to accept these conditions when you sign the application form.

2. Application

If you are successful in your application you will receive a joint offer letter from ONCAMPUS Boston and the collaborating institution, Curry College, outlining the proposed course of study and detailing the tuition and fees and the deposit that will be required to guarantee your place at ONCAMPUS Boston.

3. Deposit payment

To accept your offer, you or your sponsor will be required to pay the indicated deposit and registration fee on your offer letter, such amount to be paid to us. This deposit (less the final registration fee) will be set against the tuition and fees of the first semester of your program.

If you pay us any fees other than the deposit in error, such as tuition and fees or accommodation fees, these fees will be passed to Curry College by us and we will notify you accordingly.

4. Acceptance of your place

Once your minimum tuition and fees deposit has been received by Curry College and upon you meeting all the conditions in your offer letter and our receipt of your deposit, we will confirm your place on the Program and send you the official acceptance letter and i-20 form necessary to obtain your student visa. ONCAMPUS Boston reserves the right to levy a charge for the issuing of any replacement i20 letter.

5. Payment of fees

You must only pay us the deposit payment using the bank details set out below:

Bank Name: RBS Citizens
Address: 1 Citizens Drive, Riverside, Rhode Island, 02915
Account Number: 1322713348
Account Name: OnCampus Boston Inc
Swift Code: CTZIUS33
ABA (Routing): 011500120
ACH (cheques): 211070175

You must pay all tuition and accommodation fees in advance directly to Curry College using the Flywire link

Visit site

Any student who fails to settle all outstanding balances at the correct time, is at risk of losing their semester's course schedule and, if applicable, housing assignment. Additionally, you may not check in at the start of the semester; register for or attend classes; participate in student activities, including athletics; utilize campus facilities, such as the Fitness Center; obtain transcript services; receive grade reports; or receive a degree.

You are responsible for any collection costs incurred by Curry College in collecting any outstanding balance(s). Students must be in good financial standing to participate in any Curry College programs or activities, including, but not limited to athletics, resident assistant programs, student government, and clubs. To be in good financial standing, a student must have settled their student accounts for all balances currently due.

6. Academic conditions of entry and continued enrolment

Students are admitted to ONCAMPUS Boston programs on the basis of English language and academic ability and, in some cases, on the additional basis of experiential learning.

Any student found to have misled ONCAMPUS Boston as to their qualifications and suitability for entry will be subject to expulsion from ONCAMPUS Boston without recourse to refund of tuition and fees already paid. Should an alternative program be more suitable, a student may be counseled on to such a program, however this may also require changes to their visa status which may need to be communicated to the U.S. immigration authorities.

Students required to live on the campus and to attend all classes and lectures, and will be subject to assessment by means of coursework and other continuous assessment methods and by examination. In order to progress though the program of study and to subsequent courses offered by the collaborating institution, students are required to meet prescribed academic and English language standards at certain stages.

7. Visa Compliance

It is your responsibility, prior to enrollment at the college that you have and maintain the correct visa status demonstrated in your passport. ONCAMPUS Boston will check this at least every 12 months. On application to ONCAMPUS Boston you will be required to provide details of any previous visas received or refused for entry to the United States of America, together with information about the level and content of any prior studies undertaken in the USA, as this is an immigration requirement before we can sponsor any student.

Attendance is monitored by overall percentage and by ‘Contact Points’ in accordance with ONCAMPUS Boston’s Attendance Policy. Students are required to maintain appropriate levels of attendance and may be subject to expulsion, should this fall below the required level. ONCAMPUS Boston reserves the right to impose sanctions including, but not limited to, termination of the enrolment of any student whose standard of conduct is unsatisfactory. There will be no refund of tuition and fees in cases of expulsion.

8. CEG Refund policy

Acceptance of an ONCAMPUS Boston offer on payment of the minimum stated deposit constitutes a binding contract between the student and ONCAMPUS Boston.

The Deposit is non-refundable, but it will be set against the Tuition and fees of the first semester of your program. Should you be refused a visa, evidence of refusal and a written application to withdraw must be made available to ONCAMPUS Boston before any refund can be initiated, if appropriate.

ONCAMPUS Boston will verify the authenticity of the evidence of visa refusal with the appropriate U.S. overseas posting (Embassy/High Commission), and will charge an administration fee of $300 in the event of such a refund. Tuition and fees are non-refundable after the start of studies. Any notice to withdraw or cancel must be made in writing by ONCAMPUS Boston. If the cancellation is received before the start of term then the forthcoming term's tuition and fees will be charged. If the cancellation is made after the start of term then both the current term and the following term’s tuition fees will be charged

Any students withdrawing from an ONCAMPUS Boston program of study may be reported to the U.S. immigration authorities and U.S. Embassy/High Commission in their home country as a curtailment of their program. Any student withdrawing will be required to provide documentary evidence of their return to their home country or transfer to another institution.

ONCAMPUS Boston reserves the right to withdraw a previously available program of study at its own discretion. Where a student is unable to enroll in a similar course at ONCAMPUS Boston and the enrollment is cancelled then all fees will be refunded.

9. Curry College Refund policy

Curry College has its own refund policy for refunds on housing and meals which you can find at this link: View PDF will form part of the contract between ONCAMPUS Boston and you but as specified as follows.

10. Cause for concern

Should we have reason to be concerned for the health, welfare, financial situation or academic progress of any student, whether under or over 18 years of age, ONCAMPUS Boston reserves the right to involve parents, agents or appropriate professionals to offer support.

11. Deferment

Holders of an ONCAMPUS Boston offer may, by way of written request to ONCAMPUS Boston, defer the start of their program of study up to a maximum of one academic year.

Any fees held by ONCAMPUS Boston will be held without penalty, for use against subsequent courses of study. Should the ONCAMPUS Boston offer holder subsequently withdraw, any fees held will be non-refundable.

Any students holding an i20 visa letter and wishing to defer will have this information communicated to the U.S. immigration authorities.

12. Data protection

To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the information which you give on your form will be used for the following purposes:

  • To determine your eligibility for entry to ONCAMPUS Boston and/or entry to the host partner university.
  • To enable ONCAMPUS Boston and the host partner university to compile statistical reports.
  • To enable ONCAMPUS Boston and the host partner university to initiate your student record.
  • To share information with other government departments (e.g. immigration office), local authorities and other bodies to prevent possible fraud and to enable them to carry out their functions. On enrollment, students will be asked to sign a consent form for the specific use of student data.

An account on the MyCurry Family Portal needs to be created in order to facilitate a FERPA release. To protect the personal data of individuals normally resident in the EU, ONCAMPUS Boston will comply with General Data Protection Regulations and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. For further information on how your personal data is processed, see the Privacy Notice

13. Liability

Any reference in these terms to liability of the student shall also infer liability on the parents, guardian or sponsor of the student and such liability is joint and several. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Massachusetts, and their courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

14. Variation of Conditions

ONCAMPUS Boston may, by written notice, vary conditions of enrollment as may be necessary to comply with any law, regulations or amendment thereof, of the Government of the United States. ONCAMPUS Boston additionally reserves the right, upon giving one term’s written notice of such change to all affected students, parents, guardians and sponsors, to make any addition, amendment or alteration to these conditions as is deemed necessary by ONCAMPUS Boston.

15. Marketing

By enrolling on an ONCAMPUS Boston program you consent to your participation in future marketing activities. Contact us if you do not wish to participate.

16. Payment to agents

Before applying to study with us you may have engaged with an agent to offer you advice and support in applying for programs of study, and you may in some cases also have agreed to pay a fee to your agent for those services. We further understand that you wish us to pay that fee to your agent on your behalf (up to maximum limits as stated onwww.ceg-uk.com/servicefees).

Where this is the case we acknowledge that your tuition and fees payable to ONCAMPUS Boston may include a sum owing by you to your agent for their services up to the maximum limit referred to at www.ceg-uk.com/ service fees. We agree, at our discretion, to pay this sum to your agent on your behalf and reduce your tuition and fees owing to us accordingly provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You enrol at ONCAMPUS Boston
  • You correctly complete the application form to authorize us to make these payments to your nominated agent;
  • You pay all relevant academic fees to ONCAMPUS Boston as they become due;
  • Your agent has achieved Approved Agent status, an Approved Agent being an agent that has entered into a contract with you directly for the provision of services that are of a level and nature which satisfies Cambridge Education Group’s internal policies and expectations of an agent and who has been confirmed by Cambridge Education Group as being such an agent.

Provided the above conditions are met and if for any reason we decide not to pay an amount due to your agent on your behalf, then we will refund to you the amount owing to your agent up to the maximum limit, for you to pay across directly.

If you have agreed with your agent that you will pay more than the maximum limit, then you will remain liable to pay any excess to your agent.

Having satisfied the above conditions should you NOT wish us to make an automatic payment to the Agent used please notify Central Admissions on [email protected]

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