Step-by-Step Application Guide to the USA

Step 1


Complete the appropriate US CEG application form and send to our Admissions team, preferably along with electronic copies of the following:

  • Academic Transcripts (along with certified translations if not in English)
  • Copy of Passport information page
  • Evidence of English language level

Step 2

Receive Offer

Within 2 working days, you will receive a response either with a conditional offer, a request for more information, or a notification that the application is under further review. Conditional offers will note any missing required documents.

  • Send the completed Previous Study in the US form and a copy of any previous or current visas and I-20 documents electronically to Admissions
  • Collect proof of funds covering the Total fees as detailed in the Offer Letter with any additional required forms and send electronically to Admissions
  • Fulfill any remaining conditions noted on your conditional offer letter
  • Pay the registration fee ($300) and the deposit ($2,200)

*These forms are required and an acceptance letter will not be issued unless they are completed.

Step 3

Acceptance Letter and I-20

Upon receipt of all required documents that meet the entry requirements, payment of the registration fee and deposit, and compliance with all remaining conditions on the offer, a draft Acceptance Letter will be issued within 2 working days

Review the draft Acceptance Letter to make sure all information is correct and accurate and confirm the shipping address, recipient and telephone contact number to which the original of the I-20 document should be sent

Once any amendments have been sent to the Admissions team or the Acceptance Letter is confirmed accurate with them, the student will be emailed final acceptance letter and I-20 and will be followed by the original document in the mail which can take up to five business days.

Step 4

US F-1 Student Visa Application*
  • Once you have received final acceptance letter, book a visa appointment at your local US Embassy and collect all the required documents
  • Follow the instructions from your local US Embassy website to start your visa application
  • Students should ensure they are prepared to answer questions relating to their chosen study program in the USA, their own educational background, career intentions and why they have chosen this course.

*Please see the right-hand side of this page for tips on preparing for your visa interview

Step 5

  • A Pre-arrival Handbook, which includes important information for your course of study, will help prepare students for their arrival into the US.

Preparing for your Student Visa Interview

Should your application be successful and you are admitted to our program, your next step will be to apply for a student visa. As part of your visa application process, you will likely have to attend an in-person visa interview. Below are some tips on how to prepare for this.

Please note: we cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your visa interview. These points are only meant to advise you on what you can expect during your visa interview.


Failure to attend the interview may result in your application being automatically refused.


You should always answer all questions fully and honestly.


You should think in advance about your program or course, the documents you provided in your visa application, and your intention to study. The Visa Official wants to know that you have given serious thought before choosing your course.

Speak English!

The Visa Official will likely be checking your level of English so always answer in English, not via an interpreter. Practice answers to potential questions and be prepared.


Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question to make sure you are providing the information they want.

Documents To Bring

Check the documents required by your specific Embassy at: and

In general, students are asked to provide the following documentation:

1. Original I-20

2. Proof of payment of SEVIS fee

3. Completed DS-160 form (Non-immigrant visa application)

4. Acceptance Letter

5. Passport

6. Academic transcripts (with translations)

7. Financial evidence used for the I-20

8. Passport-sized photograph


Here are types of questions you can expect


General Information, about you, your education, your choice to study in the USA

  • Show that you are a genuine student looking to further your education
  • Demonstrate strong ties at home

Intended Course, what you plan to study in the USA, course dates, and program details

  • Become familiar with the information on our website and/ or brochure
  • Bring a brochure with you to show the visa official

Financial Circumstances, who is paying for your course, what are the fees, etc.

• Bring all required financial documents and anything else you may have that helps support your financial status

  • If you have been awarded a scholarship, bring a certificate or proof of your award

Living in the USA, where is the school and your housing, how will you commute, etc.

• Bring your housing confirmation

• Learn about our location and clearly describe where the school is located within the USA